Which foods to pair with Chianti

Chianti with food – probably a match made in heaven! One of the most well-known wines all over the world, Chianti is a red wine from Tuscany, made primarily from Sangiovese grapes. What’s more; an authentic Tuscan Chianti bears a smoky, spicy, and tart profile. It is essential to Italian cuisine and is best served with appetizing foods that complement its high-acidity and abrasive tannic qualities.

From strong tasting poultry dishes to red sauce pasta and richly spiced beef, Chianti makes a savoury combination with a number of gastronomies. Here are some other great options to pair with

Chianti for your next dining in Tuscany

  • Pasta

    There’s nothing that compares to the exquisite combination of Chianti and a bowl of pasta. While red sauce pasta like the meaty ragu or a spag bowl are the best options to pair with Chianti, it’s equally appetizing to try out warm pasta tossed with a sprinkling of cheese, fresh cracked pepper and not to forget generous pour of olive oil – after all, Tuscany is best-known as the land of Chianti and olive oil.

  • Pizza Margherita

    Another great dish to partner with the Tuscan wine, Pizza Margherita makes for a perfectly easy and light meal! While Chianti is moderate enough to not rout Margherita’s simple essence of cheese, tomatoes and basil, its acidic nature takes tomato flavour to the pinnacle of delight.

    Pro Tip: To add more depth to the flavour, you can try the Pizza Margherita recipe on a very hot charcoal or gas grill.

  • Go for a cheese and meat platter

    Chianti’s unique blend of fruits, herbs, and spices need something equally composite – and a simple cheese and meat board makes an ideal combination for the Tuscan wine. While cured meats like San Daniele or Prosciutto di Parma balance out Chianti’s sweetness and saltiness, you can feast on a range of bold cheeses to neutralize the slightly acidic nature of Chianti.

  • Ribollita

    One dish that shares rich history and flavour with Chianti is Ribollita, a Tuscan hearty potage that combines leftover bread with healthy vegetables and cannellini beans from the traditional minestrone soup.

    P.S. With one bite of Ribollita and a sip of Chianti, you will realize why the pair makes one of the most-relished combinations in Tuscany!

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