Where to find the best wine in Tuscany

Just like a great bottle of wine, Tuscany seems lovingly created and carefully aged! With an enchanting landscape and breathtaking scenery of the rolling hills, you’ll fall in love with its glorious sunflower fields, rich hues of olive groves, and not to forget its world-class wineries.

An epitome of a perfect wine country, Tuscany has long been associated with Italy’s best-made wines. At any of the regions fine wineries, you won’t just be served a glass of wine but provided with an immersive experience where you will learn about the origin, history, and philosophy behind each wine!

Below are the best wineries to savour the most scrumptious wine in Tuscany while surrounded by the breathtaking landscapes that inspired some of the world’s best artists.

Best wine in Tuscany

  • Barone Ricasoli

    If you’re an aficionado of Chianti – or an Italian wine in general – then come home to the birthplace of Chianti where Ricasoli family invented the wine back in 1872. One of Italy’s oldest wine estates dating back over 900 years, this sacred ground opens its gates for a variety of experiences ranging from wine tastings to elaborate tours and gourmet dinners. Also, there is a lovely, private house for a two-night stay!

  • Rocca Di Frassinello

    Nestled in the beating heart of Tuscany, The Rocca Di Frassinello Winery enjoys a vividly growing wine area with an assortment of authentic wines. Designed by one of Italy’s best-known architects, this winery is a French-Italian joint venture that boasts of wines like Rocca di Frassinello, Baffonero, Poggio alla Guardia, Sughere di Frassinello, and Ornelloe Vermentino.
    P.S. It is one of those rare wineries in Tuscany that’s open for visits on 365 days of the year.

  • Castello Vicchiomaggio

    Tucked at the edge of a picturesque hill overlooking the valley of Greve, this beautiful winery-cum-hotel is perfect for an unforgettable wine tasting experience away from the hectic pace of modern life! You can savour the award-winning Italian wines touring the impressive grape-yards and witness the steadfast winemaking techniques while exploring the beautiful Tuscan stretches at its prime.

  • Fattoria La Loggia

    One of the most well-preserved secrets of the Chianti’s hills, “Fattoria La Loggia” offers an unparalleled wine tasting experience amidst the authentic atmosphere of the Tuscan countryside. Situated on the south side of Florence, it offers unforgettable Tuscany hospitality with a heated seawater swimming pool, and nearby tennis and golf facilities.

    P.S. It boasts of a well-furnished kitchen that offers occasional wine making lessons and impromptu lunches.

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