Where to base yourself in Tuscany

One of the most popular regions within Italy, this picture-perfect landscape is well worth the visit!

Tuscany isn’t just famous for one thing, but multiple! Famed for an endless list of exceptional features, from glorious landscapes, vast history, delicious cuisines, to even artistic legacy. Tuscany one of the most popular travel destinations in the world, offering a smorgasbord of cities and small villages scattered about the lush greenery.

  • Florence

    Florence is by far Tuscany most popular destination, regarded as the birthplace of Renaissance. It is the irresistible region full of romance and enchanting attractions, with art and architectural masterpieces at every turn. It’s not just the artistic beauty that captures visitors’ hearts, with Florence also being a unique historical presence and one of the best food scenes in the country. No matter where you’re interested in travelling to within Tuscany, Florence is undoubtedly on your list. Sitting right in the centre of Tuscany, Florence is perfect for an authentic Italy experience from which to explore.

  • Siena

    Deemed a medieval masterpiece, Siena is essentially an open-air museum that showcases a range of gothic architectural wonders! It sits in the centre of Tuscany but is a quieter alternative to Florence. The UNESCO World Heritage Site listed central Piazza del Campo is at the very heart of Siena, with 17 neighbourhoods feeding off from this picturesque square. Stroll down the cobblestone streets and be met with a number of iconic attractions, relaxing over a cup of coffee, some spiced panforte, or even some locally made gelato found in the local cafes.

  • Lucca

    Nestled in the green valley north-west of Florence, Lucca is known as the city of 100 churches, due to its large amount of historical religious structures. It has a vast history, with the modern city slowly growing over the years, the walls that surrounded the old town were kept, but is rare for the majority of Italy’s cities. The top of the walls became a pedestrian promenade, making it the main attraction at Lucca. See the green grass and trees while you visit the walls and enjoy seeing the entire city at once!

  • Arezzo

    This small town may have less of a reputation than other Tuscany regions, but this shouldn’t divert you from visiting the picturesque region of Arezzo. The town boasts a wide range of worthwhile attractions to see, including fortresses, antiques, churches, and museums, all offering visitors a chance to take a step back in time to the ancient time of the Romans. Folk can join in on antique markets, Medieval jousting, and incredible food festivals throughout the year! Nestled only a couple hours from Florence, Arezzo is the perfect location for a base point for travelling throughout Tuscany. Due to its lesser-known reputation, it’s the perfect place for those wanting a quieter region to stay in!

  • San Gimignano

    Halfway between Florence and Siena, this central village has both the perfect location and allure. Nestled within a crest the lush green hills, San Gimignano is an unusual sight, with towers rising to create medieval-style skyscrapers. These towers were created back in the day, with prominent families building these high structures to show off their power and wealth. Nowadays, out of 74 that was built in historic times, only 14 remain, giving this village a distinct skyline and visitors an epic lookout point! The village is packed full of visitors during the day, but after hours, it becomes a relaxing haven, with many travellers simply visiting for the day. Stay a night here for a truly unique experience, heading to the local restaurants and wandering the streets with gelato as the sunsets.

  • Pitigliano

    Perched atop a volcanic tufa ridge, this village is truly a worthwhile place to see amidst Tuscany. Its distinctive skyline can be seen from kilometres away, sitting on the highest peak of the region. It is small enough that visitors can simply lace up their walking shoes and head out on foot. Sightseeing the exceptional attractions of churches, cathedrals, historic monuments, and even a couple aqueducts. Known as the ‘Little Jerusalem’, due to its long-standing Jewish community, the village has a truly unique culture, opening their arms to visitors and showing them their stunningly unique village.

  • Pienza

    For those looking for a quiet stay away from the crowds, Pienza is for you! Known as the ultimate city of the Renaissance, the small village is home to a number of extraordinary artefacts, paintings, and architecture. Villagers take the old traditions seriously here, with the philosophy of classical times and the great Italian Renaissance popular among most. Enjoy this simple but worthwhile home base perfect for those wanting to get into the raw history of Italy!

  • Chianti Wine Region

    Many come to Tuscany for one thing: the wine! Renowned for being one of the world’s best wine regions, Tuscany has no shortage of vineyards and wine regions. Chianti is by far the most popular, winning numerous awards and critics hearts with its pristine flavours. Due to most travellers not wanting to trek far after their day of winery hopping, staying in this region seems best! Throughout its lush landscape several incredible resorts are scattered about, so park here for an endless weekend or week of wine drinking and sightseeing!

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