What Is San Gimignano Known For?

About an hour’s drive from Florence, you can visit San Gimignano, a beautiful Italian hill town.

In the heart of Tuscany and about 50 kilometres from Florence, you will come across a medieval town called San Gimignano. The Italian hill town is best known for its medieval architecture, the several tower houses, and of course the wine.

The town is easily one of Tuscany’s best preserved towns with so much to see from the medieval architecture to the towers, and many shops.

Should I visit the town?

If you can make it out of this medieval hill town, it is certainly worth your time! Ideally, if you can you should aim to spend a few days exploring the town and the surrounding areas. But you can always see the main attractions in half a day if needed.

What to see in San Gimignano

The Italian hill town has plenty to offer, especially being in Tuscany. While in the town, you can expect there are plenty of chances to taste Tuscan wine.


It is a given that while visiting San Gimignano, you have to stop by a couple of wineries. The town produces some of the best wines, so you will have to visit a winery to taste the local wines.

The Vernaccia di San Gimignano is within the town and has a great selection of wines. Just outside of the town, you can visit Azienda Agricola Palagetto and Pietraserena.

Piazza del Duomo

In the heart of San Gimignano is the Piazza del Duomo, the city square. Here is where the town’s main public buildings including Palazzo Nuovo del Potestà, Torre Grossa, and the Salvucci Twin Towers.

Torre Grossa

The Torre Grossa is the tallest tower of San Gimignano standing at 54 metres! This is the only tower in the town that is open to the public, so it is well worth climbing to the top to see the views across the town.

Porta San Giovanni

The Porta San Giovanni is a 13th century stone gate with a segmental arch and is by a guardroom. This is one of the gates you walk through as you enter the town.

Duomo di San Gimignano

In the middle of the town lies the 12th century Duomo di San Gimignano. You can walk through the church and view the incredible art and artefacts when it is open!

If you want to visit San Gimignano and other medieval towns, join a Tuscany day tour! You will stop by Siena, Pisa, and have a delicious winery lunch!

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