What is Italy famous for producing?

Italy is one of the most popular tourists’ destinations in the entire world.

The homeland to some of the greatest inventions ever created. From delicious cuisines, stunning artwork, to exiting sports, Italy is the birthplace to it all. Here is our list of the top products that have made Italy famous!

  • Pizza

    By far the biggest achievement by Italy is their beloved pizza creation. Created on the Amalfi Coast in the late 18th-century, in the city of Naples, pizza has become an attraction in itself throughout Italy. With travellers from all over coming to the country to try a traditionally Italian made pizza slice!

  • Pasta

    So famous it is a staple food in every household, pasta ties first place with Pizza for Italy’s greatest invention. Coming in all shapes and styles, each with a unique taste and texture. The most traditional style is the tomato sauce in spaghetti pasta, with each restaurant and region claiming to have the very best recipe in all of Italy.

  • Vespas

    No trip to Italy is complete without hopping on one of these stylish bikes! Seen throughout the region, covering the busy streets and whizzing through the laneways. They were invented in 1946, and after appearing in a number of famous films such as ‘Roman Holiday’ and ‘La Dolce Vita’, the scooter became an instant sensation.

  • Wine

    Without Italy making their fair share of wine, the entire world would be deprived. Being one of the largest wine producers on earth and developing their wine for thousands of years. Many of the wine-making steps to fine wine was invented in Italy, using their rich soil and cool climate to create unrivalled varieties.

  • Art

    You can’t go down one street in Italy without seeing some form of art. With the buildings, the gardens, and of course the artwork is hidden within the buildings creating a truly stunning region to sightsee. Many of the most famous artworks in the world are house in Italy, with the Vatican City home to thousands of ancient and beloved paintings, frescoes, and sculptures. Visitors can spend weeks visiting gallery after gallery to see these historic works of art and still not have seen them all!

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