What do you wear on a Vespa tour?

Vespa tours can be some of the best ways to get around Italy and explore the countryside.

Riding through the Italian countryside, especially the Tuscan region, in the summer is a once-in-a-lifetime experience while on a holiday. But before you book a Vespa tour, it’s recommended to have the correct clothing before the day.

When riding a Vespa, you should wear a helmet, long sleeve jacket, long pants or jeans, gloves, boots or shoes that cover your ankles. When you book a Vespa tour, you will get given a helmet to wear, so there is no need to find one to wear before the tour.

Once you have got the correct clothing, you will be ready to go and ride a Vespa in the Italian countryside!

Can I ride a Vespa without experience on a tour?

Typically, you will need a valid driver’s license to ride a Vespa. You won’t necessarily need previous experience of driving a Vespa, scooter, or motorcycle. Though, different touring companies may have their own different set of rules.

A lot of tours do allow you to have a test ride before setting out on the tour. This is when they will determine you are suitable to ride a Vespa. If they don’t think you’re suitable, you’ll be a passenger, or there may be a car or van to hop in instead to still do the tour.

Where can I book a tour?

There are many Vespa tours available to book. If you like your wines and want to ride a Vespa, this Tuscany Vespa Tour from Florence will be the right fit for you. You will be driving through the Tuscany countryside and into Chianti. This area is one of the popular wine regions and it is where you can see the famous rolling hills.

On the tour, you will learn how to ride a Vespa before taking off down the streets toward Chianti. On the way, you will get to see the beautiful scenery of the countryside and the hills.

You will be stopping along the way to take in the views and have some photos taken. Then you will stop off at a winery that produces the famous Chianti blend. You’ll tour the cellar before driving off to another winery where you have a delicious Tuscan style meal with some local wines.

Italian summer can be hot, especially when you have long pants and a jacket on while driving a Vespa. Other than that, bring a sense of adventure and you’re good to go!

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