What are some of the typical regional dishes of Tuscany?

Tuscany is an enchanting, triangular shaped region with almost half of Italy’s artistic heritage and landscapes. From the visual harmony of rolling hills, striking landscape, and immaculately fresh air, the Tuscany is the perfect destination for an amazing vacation. Once you’ve ticked off the great museums, panoramic vistas, and energetic nightlife, indulge in a culinary adventure to satiate your taste buds!

Here we’ve master-crafted a list of typical regional dishes you ought to try when exploring Tuscany.

Popular dishes in Tuscany

  • Savour every bite of Torta di Ceci

    Torta di Ceci is a traditional Tuscan flatbread made with simple ingredients as chickpea flour, extra virgin olive oil, water, salt, and rosemary. It is crispy on the outside and creamy like custard on the inside. In fact, this typical dish is suitable for even those following strict diet regiment as it is dairy-free, glutton-free, vegan and keto-diet friendly. Also, no pancake is as lip-smackingly delicious as this savoury chickpea from Tuscany.

  • Sink your teeth into a Bistecca alla Fiorentina

    As the name suggests Bisetecca alla Fiorentina is a regional dish from Florence. It is a juicy T-bone steak drizzled with Tuscan olive oil, seared on the chargrill, garnished with salt and pepper and served al sangue (bloody). While the outside of the steak ought to be almost charred with distinct grill line, the inside is incredibly warm. Devour the steak with a side dish of earthy, slow-cooked white beans for total Tuscan immersion.

  • Relish a bowl of Cacciucco

    Cacciucco is a hearty Tuscan stew served over slices of flavoured Tuscan bread croutons. Traditionally this dish was supposed to have five different types of fish-each represented by a ‘c’ in Cacciucco. However, today the dish comes with fish of all sizes and is usually served in generous portions. Forming the base of the dish is a mixture of garlic, pepper, sage, tomato and red wine vinegar that add to the taste of the stew.

  • Indulge in Tortelli Lucchese

    Tortelli Lucchese is the trademark of Tuscan cuisine that is similar to meat ravioli. The dish comprises of egg-based bright yellow pasta stuffed with a mixture of seasoned beef and pork meat smothered in heavily meat-laden ragu, widely used meat-based sauce in Italy. This authentic pasta fresco is neatly rolled, carefully cut in circles and beautifully served for visitors to experience a rich Tuscan indulgence.

Happy eating!

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