How far is Florence from Chianti?

Ahh Tuscany, the home of fine Italian indulgence. From its ornate mediaeval towns to its lush, fertile hills, to its sumptuous cuisine and world famous art, the region is one that offers plenty of enjoyment for gourmands and everyday travellers alike!

Florence is a cheeky 35 kilometres from the legendary Chianti wine region, with both driving and the train being easy options for getting there.

Once there, you can expect to enjoy some of the region’s eponymous vino, take Vespa tours around the rolling hills, partake in farm-based cooking classes and explore its famous towns, all of which we will look into below:

Wine tours

Chianti wine is truly splendid, an easily-drinkable, delightfully-acidic wine that goes incredibly well with food. And what better part of the world to enjoy a wine that goes well with food than the home of rustic Italian cuisine, Tuscany?

Naturally, you can partake in amazing wine tours that allow you to traverse Chianti’s cellar doors and enjoy some of the wondrous fruits of the mountains, paired with some of that mouth watering local cuisine…

Vespa tours

Chianti’s landscape comprises the rolling green, yellow and red hills that you see on pretty much every Tuscan travel website and pamphlet. The beautiful region is a delight to explore on Italy’s second most famous vehicle manufacturer, Vespa, with its charming hills whizzing by as you cruise along at a leisurely pace!

What’s more, these awesome tours take you to two of Chianti’s top wineries, where you can sample (but not sample too much re: Vespa) some of the region’s best wine and enjoy a rustic Tuscan lunch with wine and olive oil tastings.

Bike tours

If zooming around on a Vespa isn’t your glass of Sangiovese, you can also hop onto a slightly slower transportation mode with Chianti bicycle tours. These tours operate largely like their Vespa counterparts, taking you to some of Chianti’s most revered wineries for tastings and lunch, but they allow you to go at a much slower pace, perfect for enjoying some of the region’s bucolic scenery…


Siena is a gorgeous town, and is actually one of the most perfectly idyllic Tuscan towns of all, with its ornate mediaeval architecture surrounding its UNESCO-listed historic centre.

A Siena tour – apart from heading out and seeing the mountains – is one of the best ways to get to know charming Chianti, its hospitable people and its gorgeous architecture…


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