How do you get to wineries in Tuscany?

Tuscany, a land of stunning art, mediaeval architecture and, of course, fine wine! The region is synonymous with all things good in life, and this means enjoying some of its sumptuous produce and small batch vintages famed across the world.

But Tuscany is a large region, and getting around can prove difficult if you don’t plan ahead. The best thing to do before heading to Toscana is to ensure you know where you’re going and how, exactly, you are going to get there.

Hopefully this guide can be of some help…

Planning your winery tour

Did we mention that Tuscany is big? Well, yeah, it is, and this means the entire land is dotted with different variations that are more suitable for different palates.

You should definitely decide on which wine you want to indulge in before heading there so that you don’t find yourself in a region where the vino doesn’t agree with your tastebuds.

Are you one for Chianti Sangiovese’s famed earthiness? Or are you more of a Carmignano Cabernet Sauvignon type? You want to find yourself in the region where you know you will enjoy the wine, so do a little research on where that is and the rest will follow…

Do you travel solo or with a tour?

Tuscan wine is world famous, so it should come as no surprise that a plethora of wine tours operate in the region, taking you from rustic vineyard to rustic vineyard, enjoying the fruits of their labour with each divine sip.

So, you can easily find a tour, or you can travel solo. If you get yourself an international licence for either car or Vespa you can certainly do your own thing, planning your own route and heading to the wineries that really tickle your fancy.

But, on the other hand, you might find yourself indulging a little too much, and navigating Tuscany’s windy roads when satiated is not only highly illegal but also highly dangerous.

With this in mind, it might be best to take a tour – you get a lot more out of the experience knowing you don’t have to worry about leaving your rental car somewhere overnight…

Either way, you are bound to experience a wonderful time tasting the very best that this region’s vino has to offer. It’s earthy, delightful and rooted in historical vines – what’s not to love?

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