Can you ride a Vespa without experience?

Explore Tuscany in style and ride a Vespa along the dirt roads and along the vineyards.

Riding a Vespa in Italy is almost a must-do when in the country. It’s so much fun and something different to do rather than walking or catching public transport. Before you ride a Vespa, it’s highly recommended to at least have some experience on a scooter or motorbike.

What should I know before riding a Vespa?

There are a few general rules that apply before riding a Vespa. But these are just general rules as each place that has Vespa may have their own set of rules and processes.


You will at least need a valid driver’s licence to drive the Vespa. A motorcycle licence isn’t necessary.

Test ride

Before you properly ride, you’ll get the chance to do a quick test ride to ensure you’re suitable to drive the Vespa.

Test ride results

If you pass your test, you’ll be set to ride the Vespa! But if you don’t pass, you’ll get the option to be a passenger instead.


It’s recommended to pay for insurance in case an accident or damage happens. Insurance will come at an extra cost but it’s good to have for peace of mind.

How can I access a Vespa?

If you’re looking to ride a Vespa, the best way to access it is by hiring one through a company or booking a tour.

When you hire your own Vespa, you can cruise along the road and do your own adventure. But if you’re unsure where to go, that’s when a tour comes in handy.

What tours can I book?

Cruise along the Chianti vineyards and hills on a Vespa with this tour from Florence. Take in the peaceful landscape in the country air while you and a small group ride Vespas.

You’ll do a quick test ride to ensure you’re suitable to ride. If you don’t pass the test or you’re not comfortable with driving, you’ll either be a passenger with someone else or go in the minivan.

When it’s time to ride, you’ll start seeing the scenic landscapes of wine estates, villages, and olive plantations.

Your first stop is at a winery that produces a world-famous Chianti red wine blend. You’ll get a tour of the wine estate before heading to another winery.

The second winery you stop at you’ll have lunch and try a few different wines and olive oils. After your delicious meal and tastings of wine and olive oils, you’ll head back to Florence.

Cruising along the scenic Tuscany landscape on a Vespa is a beautiful experience. If the weather is a nice temperature with the sun shining down, you’ll want to be riding a Vespa all day. Ensure prior to riding a Vespa to look into the rules to see if you can ride one before you book.

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