3 ways to discover the best of Tuscany

Tuscany is best known for the picturesque landscapes of the vineyards, rolling hills, and medieval towns.

Discovering Tuscany travelling by car, bike, or Vespa can be relatively easy to see the countryside. But often it’s not hard to find your way around Tuscany.

With Tuscany only being a short drive away from Florence, you often do a day trip to the region while you’re staying in the city.

1. Bike tour

Cruise along the Tuscan countryside on a bike and see for yourself the picturesque rolling hills. There are different bike tours available to discover Tuscany, the small towns, and the wineries.

Cycling along the countryside road takes you out in the fresh air as you feel the breeze through your hair.

On bike tours, you can enjoy a picnic undeath some trees, and taste Tuscan snacks and olive oils. Of course, you can also check out some local wineries where you learn about the wine making process and taste the wines.

2. Wine tour

Tuscany is one of the most famous wine regions in the world, where a lot of the land is vineyards. It wouldn’t be right to visit Tuscany without doing a wine tour and tasting the Italian wines.

A wine tour will take you out to see the picturesque views of the rolling hills and the vineyards. You’ll pull up to a few different wineries where you can taste the local wines and learn about how the different wines are produced.

3. Vespa tour

Nothing quite beats learning how to ride a Vespa and ride through the Tuscan rolling hills on a summer evening. If you’re not comfortable riding a Vespa on your own, you can sit on the back of someone else riding.

Take in the fresh air and see parts of the Tuscan countryside and see for yourself the rolling hills, vineyards, and small towns. On a Vespa tour, you will be able to check out different wineries and taste the delicious local wine.

Tuscany is perfect to visit from Florence for a day trip. Not only is Tuscany a famous wine region that produces first class wines, but it is also a foodies lovers paradise. Visit some of the Tuscan towns and taste the delicious fresh seasonal dishes along with a glass of local Chianti red wine.

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